Information Overload: An addiction or just keeping up?

The Pew Research Center, in December 2016, put out a report that said around 20% of Americans feel overloaded by their choices in today’s information-saturated world. The other 79% of U.S. adults say this statement describes them “very well” (44%) or “somewhat well” (35%): “Having a lot of information makes me feel like I have more control over things in my life.”

Addiction Help Center says, “Excessive Internet use has been linked to depression, substance abuse, and other serious mental illness.” So if three or more of the questions were answered with a yes don’t be afraid to contact their 24 hour helpline (877)-259-5635 or you can visit their website.

These 8 questions are from the Addiction Help Center and can help determine if you may have an internet surfing addiction problem:

  1. Do you use the Internet or stay online longer than you originally planned once a week or more?
  2. Do you think about online activity or your next online session even when you are not on the Internet?
  3. Have you tried to stop your Internet use before but were unable to discontinue using the computer?
  4. When you are forced to be away from the Internet, do you find yourself feeling irritable, depressed or moody?
  5. Do you use the Internet much more now than you used to?
  6. Have you ever lost a relationship, had a fight with loved ones or lost a job, career or educational opportunity over Internet use?
  7. Have you ever lied about your Internet use in order to hide the amount of time you spend online?
  8. Do you ever use online time as a way to feel better, to escape from problems or to just “tune out?”