PSA for Online Presence Monitoring


This is a public service announcement to all of the social media users out there that think hitting the delete button really erases everything. This is to the boys and girls wanting to remain safe, the men and women looking for employment, and anyone else with an online presence that will at one point put content onto the world wide web.

Online safety should not be taken lightly when signing up for any social media or networking site. Putting personal information onto the internet has a lasting effect that is nothing like a footprint in the sand. There is a responsibility that comes with an online identity and the content that is shared with even your closest friends can be discovered by potential employers, online predators, or anyone looking hard enough.

Monitor your online content and the personal information that gets onto your social media sites.

My golden rule for pictures, comments, and even captions is: Don’t put anything that you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see. When it comes to the really personal information, making sure that you are on a secure site and don’t include the information unless it is imperative.


This could be printed as a poster, or blown up to fit a billboard and even ran across a screen on television. The addition of pictures and the percentages really touches on the fact that it can happen to anyone and it should not be taken with light of heart. 


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