Who I am online today

Media has been something with constant change, in not only what is being said and heard but how. With the ever-building list of social media sites out there, like Twitter and Facebook, regular citizens are becoming news sources for other people in their community.

Klout has given me a score of 10 out of 100, on a scale of how active my social media accounts are. Being that this score is very low the generators within the Klout website say my online presence is not at the point where I am an informant for others, and I would have to agree.

Each of these pictures can be found when looking at my social media accounts. The top is from Facebook, bottom right from Instagram and bottom left from Twitter.
















I am an observer, in my everyday life and online, because something can always be learned from silencing yourself and listening to others around you. I feel, as a millennial in today’s society, that my social media usage is below average… and I am not entirely mad about that.


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