My First Time: Podcasts

Although I just made my very first podcast, I have also started listening to my first podcast.

How do you combine a pregnant orangutan, a famous female comedian, and the post office? Well, you use the Sidedoor of course.

Sidedoor is a recently launched podcast by the Smithsonian that tells science, art, history, and humanity stories while explaining the overlap they have in everyday life. Hosted by Tony Cohn and Megan Detrie, this 20-minute podcast already has me hooked after only two episodes.

Maybe it’s the way that they are able to connect the most unusual things and narrow them down under one, quite broad, umbrella. It could also be the way the hosts integrate music and natural sound into the intros, outros, and transitions throughout, adding an additional element for visualization. Whatever it is, they’re doing it right.

Have you ever been listening to a song and then all of a sudden you pull into your destination, but out of respect for the music, and the outright jam session you are probably in the middle of, you stay in the car and patiently awaiting the end?

This podcast unexpectedly did this to me, but almost a little worse because I actually missed my exit and had to turn around once I finally realized.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t say anymore, but if I were to give this podcast a rating out of 10, it gets an 11. And the overall experience, of listening to a podcast, is one that I truly wish I would have started sooner.screen-shot-for-blog-post

You can subscribe to the podcast for free on iTunes, Google Play, or listen to it on their website.


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