Hurricane Matthew: Are you ready for it?

Preparing for a natural disaster, like a hurricane, is nothing to take lightly and something you should absolutely never put on hold.

With this Category 4 cyclone headed toward the tip of Florida many are questioning how does one prepare for this even that hasn’t happened to this state in 11 years?

Governor Rick Scott advises to stay alert and prepare now for the destruction ahead.

Preparation is the key to protection.


  • Flashlights and battery powered appliances
  • Extra batteries
  •  3-day supply of food and water
  •  7-day supply of any medications
  •  First aid kit
  •  Sanitation/hygiene items
  •  Sunscreen/rain gear/ insect repellent
  •  Extra set of keys (house and car)
  •  Cell phone
  •  Pets and pet supplies
  • Camera, if possible
  • Fill gas tan in all cars
  •  Take out extra cash and store it
  •  Purchase flashlights, DO NOT use candles
  •  Bring in anything can be picked up with high winds
  •  Close all windows/doors
  •  (If you don’t have hurricane shutters) close windows/doors and board them with plywood
  •  Turn refrigerator and freezer to coolest temperature and opening sparingly
  •  Turn off propane tanks
  •  Create an evacuation plan with every member of the household
  •  Evacuate IMMEDIATELY if advised by authorizes

For a more detailed version follow my Storify: kmg1996

Track and follow the storm.

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