Lab 2: Where are we from?

Where are you from?

Many people ask this exact question to their parents at least once in their life. That need for knowing where your bloodline comes from and where your ancestors have traveled is something that has grown so much over time, even making a website to do so for you called,

Going back to the old ways of pen and paper, my peers and I conducted a survey around Oakland University to uncover the places that people call home. Being that our school only holds 13% of students as residents and the other 87% are out of state, off campus commuters, or international students, looking at the data in the map it is easy to see that Oakland is a hot spot for meeting people out of your area, and out of your age group.

While creating this survey we thought about what we wanted to know from these people and how each component would fit together in the end. The most obvious question, where do you live, gives us the exact location as seen on the map below. Each blue tab is a student at Oakland University and within the tab it will display their name and age as well. Looking at all of this information in an interactive map format makes it easy to see that even though we are a smaller university, compared to other Michigan establishments like Michigan State and Michigan, our school brings in people from all over.

To get variety in our data each of my group members asked people from in and around campus the same questions, along with their name. I asked people in my classes, and also friends that were willing to answer them, but out of the 12 people surveyed only 3 of them lived on campus. Not to any of our surprise, but the people who didn’t live on campus were driving quite a ways to get to school everyday some as far as Dearborn Heights.

Asking everyone’s age also brought up some interesting information. There was someone who was only 20, but there was also someone who was 32. This is showing that Oakland is also a university that not only brings in people from all over Michigan, but all different age groups as well. This school is not the typical university where everyone is on the 4 year plan and will be done right after that it extends its reach to the adults in the world already that want to come back to school or just aren’t qualified enough for the job they have their eyes set on.

Collecting this data was beneficial, and now easy to read in the map below, but now I should ask… Where are you from?



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